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Erdun Denizcilik is established with a mission to deliver the equipments for ship building and shipping market to the customers in a fast, secure and seamless way and also to provide fully after sales support. And it proceeds on this way by establishing partnerships with foreign and domestic manufacturers. As a newly and developing company, our goal is to grow and build strong relationships.

As a modern, honest, innovative and growing company, our priority is always to keep the customer satisfaction at the highest level.

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DMA-105 Touch Screen operated • Easy to operate • Cost effective • Easy to install • +20 years of experience • Very high quality • Certified by DNV

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Oceoprotec Hull Coatings

  • It provides a long-lasting antifouling effect whose efficacy is guaranteed for 5 years.
  • It is a highly capable additional barrier against osmosis.
  • It creates a more hydrodynamic surface than classic antifouling thanks to a hardened metallic polymer film.
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